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These bears are given to families in the hospital that are faced with the heartbreak of heading home with empty arms.  They are gifts given to offer comfort and healing in a time of great sadness.  

A simple $10 donation will purchase one bear to give to a family in need. Each donation made in memory of an angel will have a place for dedication that will be visible for others to see.

If you would like to donate a bear in memory of an angel you cherish please click here.

  **please note in the special instructions during check out that your donation is for an angel bear

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11 Angels was formed to support families in times of pregnancy and infant loss. It was started by a group of individuals serving families in and around the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area with personal experience with the death of a baby before or soon after birth.

When faced with the tragic news that a child will not be born alive or will 
not live long after birth, parents find themselves totally unprepared to navigate the multitude of emotions they will experience and the decisions they must make. 11 Angels understands the importance of having someone close by who has been through this type of loss and is there to provide support and resources - free of charge. 

Mission Statement
The Mission of 11 Angels is be a support resource and guide to families experiencing the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death. The mission is consistent with the standards set by Loss Doulas International and is a project of the Bereaved Parent Advocacy & Support Network of Star Legacy Foundation to support families in times of pregnancy and infant loss.  

We Believe
  • Every child is precious, no matter their size or length of gestation.
  • Pregnancy and infant loss requires supportive guidance from well-trained individuals that understand the magnitude of pregnancy and infant loss.
  • Families should have resources available to them to make informed decisions as they bring their child into the world.
  • Parents deserve sensitivity, compassion and appropriate information from the moment they are given bad news.
  • Parents need proper preparation and support when they are told their baby has died (whether in miscarriage, stillbirth or other early infant death). 
  • Parents should be cared for in a respectful and supportive environment when saying Hello and Goodbye to their precious baby. 
  • Parents should be prepared well before being admitted to, or leaving, the hospital.
  • Parents need to be given appropriate and well-researched ongoing support resources.
  • Loss Doulas/Parent Advocates offer a unique perspective to the hospital care-giving team...one that allows them to give emotional and decision making help in partnership with the clinical care provided by the healthcare team while others may only offer the necessary medical care.
  • Peer support parents should be made available to newly bereaved parents as soon as possible and for ongoing support.
  • The parents workplace should be welcoming and managers and colleagues should be aware and understand how to help.

© copyright Loss Doulas International 2012    Used with Permission.

1 Angels is a project of and supported by the Star Legacy Foundation.


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